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Essential Poetry – Ordinary Level 2018 book cover

Essential Poetry – Ordinary Level 2018

Niall MacMonagle

<p><em><strong>Essential Poetry</strong></em> is a new, vibrant and fully illustrated anthology of poetry for Ordinary Level students. Containing an engaging introductory essay on the art of poetry, this textbook aims to develop the students&rsquo; knowledge and understanding of poetic form and writing to help them to achieve the highest possible marks in the examination. The author, Niall&nbsp;MacMonagle, is a well-regarded literary critic and the book is packed with insights into, and useful analyses of, the prescribed poems.&nbsp;</p>
<p>●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Attractive, student-friendly format.<br />●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Comprehensive anthology of the Ordinary Level prescribed poems, with&nbsp;notes and glossaries attached to each.<br />●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Biographical information and overviews on all poets. <br />●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Hints and advice on how to approach the paper.<br />●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Exam-style questions throughout the book.<br />●&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Detailed glossary of literary terms at the back.</p>

ISBN: 978-0-7144-2309-8
€ 17.50

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