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Text & Tests 7 book cover

Text & Tests 7

Leaving Certificate Strand 5 - Higher Level
O. D. Morris, Paul Cooke

Text & Tests 7 – Project Maths, Strand 5 has been compiled and written to provide complete coverage of Strand 5 for Leaving Certificate Higher Level for examination in 2014 and onwards. Written and developed by experienced authors with major contributions from teachers in the pilot schools, the new book offers the following features:

• An excellent range of carefully-constructed and imaginatively-written questions taking the students up to examination standard

• An accessible, student-friendly approach ideal for encouraging students and giving them confidence

• Contextualised questions to show students how maths relates to the real world

• Each chapter concludes with a three-part revision exercise section consisting of (a) Core (b) Advanced (c) Extended-response questions

• A style of question designed to develop problem-solving skills

• Retains many of the features of the existing Text & Tests series that have proved so satisfactory in class

• Comprehensive answer section included.


ISBN: 978-1-90770-527-4
€ 10.30

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